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Nowadays, people are much more conscious about health than ever before. I, personally, have been tuned into this for as long as I can remember, whipping up oatmeal muffins in my kitchen or cooking veggie burgers as I listened to people frequently comment on how ‘wavy’ this was. My interest in health and nutrition only grew stronger and I became interested in trying new, healthy alternatives to old standbys and learned to know what effect this had on my body.

Over time I grew in experience and knowledge and slowly but surely, I noticed a change in how people around me were eating. This enabled me to help my family, friends and colleagues, who had begun, more and more to ask me advice about how to improve their lifestyles. I noticed that people really appreciated my help, which motivated me to help others in the same position, I was itching to do more. After working as a Marketer for 10 years, I could no longer deny what I was truly passionate about; Health & Nutrition. For this reason, I decided to leave marketing behind me, dive into re-educating myself and start my own business.

With Vitamin Coach I want to make the difference for you! Creating a clear plan of what you need as well as a comprehensive overview from the mass of information there is out there about nutrition, health and passing trends. Together we will work on your health in a relaxed atmosphere, where I will be available for questions or advice at any time.

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